Therapy Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a personal and private space to explore challenges and gain insights into oneself, relationships, and life transitions. It can be a valuable opportunity to receive support and guidance on issues that may be difficult to manage on one’s own, and to develop new strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or other emotional struggles.
In individual counseling, we’ll work together to identify your goals and explore your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, safe, and supportive environment. We’ll collaborate to develop strategies and techniques that work for you to help you achieve greater well-being, improve your relationships, and enhance your overall quality of life.
Whether you’re seeking help for a specific issue or simply want to explore your emotions and experiences more deeply, individual counseling can provide a space for self-reflection and personal growth.

Couples Counseling

In couples counseling, we’ll work collaboratively to explore the issues that are affecting your relationship and develop practical strategies to improve communication, build intimacy, and deepen your connection. I’ll help you identify the patterns and behaviors that may be hindering your relationship, and develop personalized solutions to address them.
My approach is grounded in empathy, trust, and open-mindedness. We understand that every couple is unique, and we’ll work with you to develop a counseling plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking premarital counseling, are in the midst of a crisis, or simply want to strengthen your relationship, we’re here to help.

BDSM/Kink Friendly Affirming Counseling

If you identify as a member of the kink or BDSM communities, finding a mental health professional who is knowledgeable and affirming can be a challenge. At my practice, I offer BDSM and kink-friendly counseling services that provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their sexuality and mental health.
I understand that individuals in these communities often experience stigma and discrimination, and we are committed to providing a non-judgmental and affirming space for our clients. We believe that everyone deserves to live authentically and with joy, and we work collaboratively with our clients to help them achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.
My counseling approach is evidence-based and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. I believe in a collaborative and affirming therapeutic relationship, and we honor our clients’ diverse identities and experiences. Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, or other issues, we’re here to help you navigate your mental health and sexuality with dignity and respect.